Oct 5th, 2019



Q. What is the total budget?

A. The cash value of the entire NORTH STAR budget, including production and post-production comes in at $380k. We’ve been able to raise over $135k in donated goods and services, and about $40k in funds for production alone. We only have $117k left to raise to cover remaining hard-costs to get us through production. 


Q. Are there any points on the end?

A. If we make any money back on NORTH STAR through a sale, distribution deals and/or cash awards, we will donate 100% of that money to the Human Rights Campaign. We are not making this film to earn money. 


Q. What is your fundraising deadline? 

A. We are currently fundraising for production which is slated for the end of March, 2020. We will need to finish our fundraising goal of $117k in 2019.


Q. What if you do not raise the funds in time?

A. We have a few options - we may move the location, we may remove some of the animals in the film or we may push the shoot to allow more time to finish the fundraising. 


Q. Why schedule the shoot before the fundraising is done?

A. Nearly every aspect of creating a film happens in tandem. In order to secure the cast, the location, artists and filmmakers donating their time and talents, we need to have a date to work towards. Having cast, crew and location options is needed for us to negotiate what goods and services can be donated. This tells us what the actual hard costs are, and how much to fundraise. 

Q. How and when will you raise the remaining funds for post?

A. We are fundraising for post-production now. Our immediate focus is the hard costs for production. As we build up our post-team, we are working on getting donated services to bring down those hard costs and will shift focus to that milestone once we hit the production goal. 


Q. What if you raise more than you need?

A. All funds that are not used in production will be used in post-production. Funds not used in post will be used in marketing and festivals circuit fees. 


Q. Can I give my producing title to someone else?

A. With approval of the production team, yes. You may name a different person to be credited instead of you. 


Q. Can my company be one of the production companies creating the film?

A. We are happy to open a discussion with anyone interested in having their company join us in producing NORTH STAR.

Q. Why is an Oscar nomination so important to you?

A. The goal in making this film is to affect as wide an audience as possible. Festivals and the Oscars are the greatest platforms for this goal.

Q. Is the amount I donate publicly displayed?

A. No. Only you and the NORTH STAR producers will be able to see your contribution amount. We do not share this information.

Q. How will my donation be spent?

A. 100% of all donations are used in the making and marketing of NORTH STAR until the film is bought by distributors. Funds are controlled by our fiscal sponsor, the Independent Film Project ( IFP holds the funds for us and distributes funds to us as we request them for approved production needs. IFP requires we submit all receipts to them for every dollar spent to assure that we are in compliance. 

Q. Why do I send my donation to Independent Film Project?

A. IFP is our fiscal sponsor, which protects both the donor and us from any misuse of funds. IFP is a non-profit which makes all donations 100% tax deductible. IFP works with hundreds of films every year, and has been instrumental in the production of many award-winning films. 

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